Animal Project Contacts

Animal SAE Project Contacts:  Please ask Advisor for list of phone contacts.

Goats (Purchase in March- Possession date April 15)

Sheep (Purchase in March- Possession by April Tag-in date)

Hogs (Purchase in March- Possession April 15)

  • Sale of Champions (Latest updates on Facebook)

Steers (Purchase in October- Possession February Weigh-in)

  • Harvest Fair Steer/Heifer Auction (last weekend in September usually at Jackson Co. Expo)

Rabbits (For market rabbits you must own/lease the doe and have her bred in February.)

Poultry (Turkey’s need to be purchased in March for market project.  Chickens need to be purchased in June (middle of the month).

  • Rainey’s (Sams Valley)
  • Farmer’s (Grants Pass)
  • South 40 (Grants Pass)
  • Big R (White City)
  • Grange Co-op